New Traffic Calming

City Council Representative Odette Ramos shared this update about traffic calming to be installed in the neighborhood the week of October 31, 2022. If you have questions or feedback, please contact Councilwoman Ramos at


From Councilwoman Odette Ramos:

The traffic calming for the D14 side of the neighborhood will be installed sometime this coming week.  I am unsure about the configuration for CM Torrence’s side and he can report back on this.

A few things to note here: 

  1. This is traffic calming that needed to be done anyway.  One thing I learned from door knocking during the campaign was that addressing these traffic issues was important for residents, it is something that is important across my district.  These are being installed whether or not the Roland Water Tower road eventually is opened or closed because the improvements are needed either way.
  2. The crosswalk suggested for Evans Chapel and Providence will be installed in the spring.  We were too late to get the design in for this time, but DOT [Dept. of Transportation] has committed to get it in the Spring.
  3. I am working with Roland Park Place to address the parking issue on Roland. Apparently the people who are hired by the residents at RPP are parking in the street and the business would like to see more turnover since we are losing spaces there to create a turn lane.  We will report back on progress but they are committed to finding a solution.
  4. Adjustments can be made to these patterns on Evans Chapel and 40th.  The reason the City is using flexposts and paint is so that we actually see the how the traffic calming is working and can make adjustments.

Here is the message from DOT about this:

Discussions with residents last spring and summer and fall yielded the following points:

  1. High-crash rate at Roland and 40th
  2. Dangerous sight distance issue at Evans Chapel and 40th/41st
  3. Stop condition at Evans Chapel and Providence

The attached plan would provide left turn lanes for northbound and southbound traffic. The elimination of the peak-hour parking restriction on the 1000-block of W 40th allows residents to not have to move their cars, and creates a right-turn-only lane on westbound 40th and Roland. This single thru-lane would allow for improved daylighting at Evan’s Chapel. This daylighting and lane reduction will greatly increase the sight distance for cars turning from Evan’s Chapel. Flexpost bump-outs were provided wherever possible to increase pedestrian safety and reduce speeds. This design accommodates all current bus route turning movements through the intersection. Additionally, residents expressed concern with stop sign running at Evans Chapel and Providence. There will be new striping and additional signage to increase visibility to drivers.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Odette Ramos

Baltimore City Councilwoman District 14

Office: 410-396-4814

One additional note:  We had a walk through with DOT and two rounds of meetings with them in the Spring and Summer of last year for this design.  Again, we can make minor adjustments as we see how the patterns work.

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