The Roland Water Tower, located at 4210 Roland Ave, is at the nexus of four neighborhoods: Hoes Heights, Heathbrook, Rolden, and Roland Park.

The historic tower was built in 1905 to provide water for Hampden. In 1930, the reservoir system replaced the need for water towers, and the tower became a turnaround spot for streetcars. In the 1960s, buses replaced streetcars. Through the decades, the tower and surrounding space fell into disrepair.

Friends of the Roland Water Tower and others led a multi-year effort to save the tower. For years, the tower was at risk of demolition and surrounded by a chain link fence. Together with many partners, we raised money to stabilize and restore the tower. In 2021, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the $1 million+ restoration work. What was once a safety hazard is now a beautifully restored tower that serves as a beloved landmark and gathering place for the community.

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