Dear Friend of the Roland Water Tower:

We need your help to plan a season of celebrations in our neighborhood!
Finally after more than 10 years of community organizing and 9 months of restoration work, the Roland Water Tower is substantially restored. The scaffolding and fences will come down by the middle of June. This is a very exciting accomplishment for all of the surrounding communities. We plan to celebrate the completion of the restoration and the imminent return of our resident falcon neighbors with a community gathering planned for June 19th at the tower (flyer attached). This event will provide a chance for us to come together to plan a bright future for the tower as a gathering place for our neighborhoods.
Now seems like a perfect time to re-launch the Friends of the Roland Water Tower, a community group a number of us had formed more than a decade ago to raise awareness of the state of the tower by organizing events on the site. Would you be willing to be part of this renewed effort?
We are looking for dedicated individuals willing to work alongside their neighbors from Hoe’s Heights, Rolden, Roland Park, and other nearby communities to plan small events throughout the summer and early autumn. These could involve anything from community sidewalk chalking, to story telling, history teach-ins, nature talks or even small musical performances.   The FORWT group will plan the events, obtain the relevant city permitting, and advertise the events to our friends and neighbors. 
We hope to launch the new Friends of the Roland Water Tower very shortly, so please check your emails for more announcements.

Your neighbors,

Zoe Clarkwest, Michael Falk, Kirsten Johnson, Nick Lidow, Mary Page Michel, Julia Pierson, and Lydia Wilson

5 thoughts on “Dear Friend of the Roland Water Tower:

  1. To not open up the Water Tower turnaround for the convenience of the original Hoes Heights neighborhood strikes at elitism. The turnaround could have been open at the completion of the water tower renovation until a decision is made AND construction is begun on a park/drive through.


    1. The decision to open or close the turn around was not easy, but ultimately the neighborhood decided it was the safest thing to do until construction is completed. There are lots of reasons why, and I would like to talk more at our next meeting. Stay tuned for an invite soon.


      1. I agree, it was the safest decision during construction. I am referring to AFTER construction. I look forward to continued dialogue on my suggestion. Thank you.


      2. Dear Committee:      I appreciated Councilwoman’s Odette Romos’ statement, even if it seemed premature at the time, that “It’s a done deal.” W. Gill


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