Presentation of Plan 6/26/22

The Roland Water Tower Park plans were presented at the water tower on June 26, 2022, with more than 50 people in attendance.

A multi-neighborhood team of volunteers worked for two years to coordinate community input and manage the process to come up with this plan. There were multiple on-site meetings, surveys and presentations, and multiple reviews and approvals of the plans by city and state agencies.  

The proposed park design does not include a road through the park. The steering committee took almost a year listen to community concerns about traffic and to research if the road could be partially opened in the long-term. However, they found no reasonable path forward to fund a safe, well-maintained road. 

To ease traffic congestion, the north side of the Roland Water Tower was opened one way from Roland Avenue to Evans Chapel. This was intended as a temporary measure until the start of park construction, to allow time for traffic improvements to be in place, and to accommodate the considerable utility construction underway in Hoes Heights and Heathbrook. Traffic signs were installed and barriers were put in place to keep pedestrians in the park safe from car traffic. 

Below are the flyer, drawings and presentation boards from the meeting.

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